Vince Moore


Vince, who is currently flying jets for a private airline, has been a warbird pilot and enthusiast for over twenty-five years, and is on the board of directors for Forgotten Warbirds.  Initial experience began in the Los Angeles area, serving as a pilot and instructor pilot for the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, CA. Surrounded by WWll aircraft, he flew T-6s, the Bushmaster Trimotor and directed the museum's A-26 Invader flight, ground and airshow programs.  From here he flew in the airshow circuit all over the Southwest US.

While in LA, he spearheaded an educational outreach program for elementary and high school students called Barrier Busters, using aviation as a source of motivation for academic improvement.  He also ferried an award-winning North American T-6 Texan ("Best" T-6 distinction) to and from Oshkosh, the world's largest airshow.

Near Tokyo, Vince Moore was a member of The Skytypers Team, flying Retired US Navy SNJ-2s in formation all over Japan to display aerial billboards.  

On the airline side Mr Moore has flown Boeing 737s and many business jets, and been an IOE, line training, and standards captain. Additionally, he has been a team leader for development and training of crews, and an instructor for overseas operations.  Business jet operations range from the Global Express and Citation X to Dassault Falcon 2000.

On the Warbirds side, he has been an instructor pilot in tailwheel planes from Stearmans to Trimotors, and Yugoslavian Soko Galeb jets to British Hawker Hunters fighters.  

On the pure General Aviation side, Vince has been an instructor for CFI candidates, performed ATP, multi-engine, instrument, aerobatic and tailwheel training for students.

Besides the flying of such remarkable aircraft, Mr. Vince Moore has not only authored a successful a flying book entitled a Extreme Jet Flying, but scripted many aviation magazine articles in the most widely read flying periodicals.

Capt. Vincent Moore is currently a resident of San Diego, CA and Hong Kong, China.  He is married to Lisa and has three children, Austen, Carson and Mary.  Middle son Carson is currently working on his Private Pilot's license.