Chris Meyer


 Chris Meyer was born in 1966 at Williams Air Force base to a career fighter pilot. His father was a combat veteran having flown the F-80 and F-86 in Korea.


In 1981 Chris started flying lessons at the Lowry Aero Club located at Buckley Air National Guard Base near Denver Colorado. In 1981 he joined the Marines and became an F-4 Phantom mechanic and crew chief. During his time in the Marine reserve he continued to work on his airman ratings with a brief hiatus serving in combat with a US Marine tank unit in the 1990/91 Gulf War. 

After his service he went on to flight instruct and flew as an FAR Part 135 charter pilot. In 1998 he was hired to fly as a regional pilot at Comair airlines. In 2005 he was hired at Allegiant airlines flying the MD-80 series and rose to the position of flight check airman, training new hire pilots and captain upgrades. 

He is now a Captain on the A319/320 aircraft. He obtained his type rating and is half owner in the T-33 Shooting Star. Chris has amassed over 15000 hrs of flight time.